JavaFXPorts 8.60.9 released

Earlier this week, Gluon proudly released JavaFXPorts 8.60.9, which provides the foundation for cross-platform mobile and embedded UI development in Java, as part of the Gluon Mobile offering. The JavaFXPorts project is a fork of the official OpenJFX repository, which contains the source code (both Java and native code) for […]

MyDevoxx now live

At Gluon, we’re proud to deliver the open-source Devoxx conference planner, branded MyDevoxx. This project is an end-to-end Java project, meaning that the iOS and Android mobile apps are all created using a 100% Java codebase. The Gluon Mobile toolset automatically converts a Java client project into a native app […]

Scene Builder 8.3.0 Out Now

Today the Gluon engineering team is happy to announce the availability of Scene Builder 8.3.0, which brings significant improvements to mobile development support. Scene Builder is becoming more closely integrated with Gluon Mobile (when desired), and marks the beginning of our push towards making mobile development easier and even more […]