Gluon Start

Use Gluon Start to bootstrap your Java Client application.

Gluon Start is a web site that helps you generate the structure and skeleton of your Java client application.

Links: Gluon Start | IDE Plugins | Samples

Gluon Mobile

The Gluon Mobile library takes care of all the grunt work, so you can focus on the important aspects of your code.

In particular, Gluon Mobile helps with the visuals, data connectivity, and making use of hardware embedded in mobile devices.

Links: Product Overview | Documentation | JavaDoc | Samples

Gluon CloudLink

Having your software be part of the cloud has never been easier. Gluon CloudLink takes care of authentication, storage, client access synchronization in a secure, elastic, and performant way. Use the Gluon Mobile library to easily connect to Gluon CloudLink – don’t concern yourself with networking technicalities!

Don’t want to host your data in the cloud? Use Gluon CloudLink On-Premise to have your own cloud hosted behind your VPN.

Links: Product Overview | Documentation | Samples

Scene Builder

Scene Builder is a drag-and-drop user interface builder designed from the ground up for building high quality JavaFX user interfaces. It generates FXML files as output, allowing for separation between designers and developers.

Links: Project Overview | Documentation

Gluon Connect

Gluon Connect simplifies the connection to, and parsing of, data from web services. It is built to be cloud-agnostic, allowing it to connect to any web service you want, but it also has baked in support for all of the functionality offered by Gluon CloudLink.

Links: Project Overview | Documentation | JavaDoc | Samples

Gluon Desktop

Gluon Desktop is a ‘convention over configuration’ application framework designed exclusively for building cross-platform desktop applications. It has been designed from the ground up with a focus on having a minimal API, and to also handle as much of the work behind the scenes as possible.

Links: Product Overview | Documentation | JavaDoc | Samples