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Gluon Mobile
Create iOS & Android Apps in Java

Gluon Mobile Provides Fresh, Modern UIs, Cloud Connectivity, and Hardware Access.

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Single App, Multiple Platforms

Java end-to-end

Harness your existing Java knowledge:

  • Build a single application in Java – use the same APIs regardless of device
  • Deploy to all platforms privately or via the various app stores
  • Massively improve time-to-market – less code and less testing

The guiding principle of Gluon Mobile is to ensure that developers can create high performance, great looking, and cloud connected mobile apps from a single Java code base, for iOS and Android.

Hardware: Abstracted

Device & Platform Agnostic Native Hardware Services

Make use of hardware features on mobile devices in a platform-agnostic way. Gluon Mobile makes available all the storage systems, accelerometers, screen details, GPS devices, and more in a device-independent fashion.

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Cloud Connected

Connect to cloud services (without the pain)

Gluon Mobile includes a full web services API to make connecting to and consuming web services straight forward.

  • Connect to Gluon CloudLink, or any other web service, with ease
  • Bi-directional, automatic data synchronization
  • User authentication using popular web services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or a custom login

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High Performance

Mobile applications that fly

Gluon Mobile apps place a high priority on high performance:

  • Gluon Mobile apps run natively on mobile devices using all hardware features to accelerate rendering.
  • Developers can use Java 11+ language features and APIs, thanks to the GraalVM

Developer / Designer Workflow

Drag & Drop, Rapid Application Development

Tools for developers and designers can make or break the app development experience

  • Scene Builder is a free drag & drop user interface designer, allowing for rapid iteration
  • Scene Builder ensures a separation between design and logic files – team members can quickly and easily focus on their specific layer of application development
  • Gluon provides free IDE plugins for IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and NetBeans, to support developers with templates, wizards, and other tools

Scene Builder    IDE Plugins

Ready For Business

Gluon Mobile is being used by enterprises and mobile developers today

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