JavaFX Long Term Support

Long Term Support

JavaFX Long Term Support

Gluon and JavaFX are inseparable – our team has contributed to, and led, some of the most critical open source libraries, written some of the primary books, maintained the most important tools, based our commercial software offerings on it, and even co-lead the OpenJFX project itself. Gluon is endorsed by the JavaFX community as world experts.

JavaFX is now separated from JDK releases and no longer included in the standard long term Java SE support offerings from Oracle. Gluon offers to share its vast knowledge base and experience in JavaFX to support customers and ensure continuity, stability and security for their environment.

The Gluon JavaFX 11 Commercial Long Term Support (LTS) contract provides customers with first class support for JavaFX 11 development. This program gives access to supported versions of JavaFX 11, including but not limited to security fixes and critical patches. Customers also have access to the Gluon issue and feature request tracker, get assistance in the creation and follow-up of issues in the Java bug system and are informed about our roadmap.

Gluon LTS also includes developer support for Gluon Mobile and CloudLink during the development phase.


Gluon LTS is offered as a yearly subscription service fee and features

Guaranteed support and availability: Gluon guarantees its customers support and availability of a JavaFX 11 release via an SDK, jmods, and jars that can be accessed via the Gluon Customer Repository, using a private access code. LTS support also covers non-standard platforms, including embedded ARM systems and windows 32 bit platforms.

Access to Updates, Patches and security enhancements: Periodically, Gluon makes available for download new versions (“updates”) of the Gluon JavaFX 11 artifacts (SDK, jmods and jars). These updates provide enhanced security and stability when using the JavaFX 11 APIs, and can be used with a Java 11 SDK. The update versions will therefore contain:

  • Backports of all the security patches that go in the mainstream OpenJFX development tree (if applicable)
  • Backports of critical issues (if applicable)
  • Backports of important issues
  • Fixes some specific issues that benefit customers.

Issue tracking and feature requests, Impact on roadmap: Use the Gluon issue tracker to enter issues or feature requests related to JavaFX. After prioritization by Gluon, Issues and feature requests are added to the OpenJFX infrastructure or Roadmap. Gluon engineers primarily work on issues from Gluon customers. Customers requiring an immediate fix of a particular issue can buy time/material support from Gluon for rapid results.
All issues fixed by Gluon engineers will be upstreamed to OpenJFX and, if accepted, be part of the next major release of OpenJFX.

Quarterly briefings: LTS customers are updated during quarterly briefings where we

  • Discuss the current state of OpenJFX
  • Summarize the ongoing discussions in the OpenJFX community
  • Discuss the JavaFX roadmap
  • Link to interesting evolutions.

The benefits of the Gluon Long Term Support agreement:

  • Continuity for your operational environment
  • Enhanced stability and improved uptime through bug fixes
  • Enhanced security through security updates
  • Longer lifespan for your java development investment
  • Affordable, Time and Cost efficient, saves development and support efforts
  • Solve issues in a shorter time and with less effort
  • Impact the JavaFX roadmap
  • Easy access to the extensive Gluon JavaFX knowledge base

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