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Gluon CloudLink
Client Management & Cloud Integration

Gluon Cloudlink connects your enterprise to your application users.


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Cloud & Enterprise Connected

Reuse your enterprise architecture, rather than reinvent

  • Use your existing data storage systems and enterprise functionality in your client applications
  • Bi-directional, secure, and controlled communication between your java client apps and your enterprise apps
  • Gluon CloudLink is non-intrusive in existing enterprise infrastructure

Gluon CloudLink works inside your enterprise, and does not require data or functionality duplication.

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Mobile Support

Mobile apps are first-class supported

  • Access mobile-specific functionality in a platform-independent way
  • Automatic & transparent synchronization of data, users, and state between clients and backends
  • Connect to Gluon CloudLink with any front-end, and connect to backend systems and cloud services
  • Automatically deal with mobile-specific issues (e.g. connectivity loss, battery usage, etc)

Gluon CloudLink brings enterprise functionality to users of your Java client application, without the need for deep enterprise knowledge on how best to integrate users into existing enterprise functionality and data stores. Whether your Java client application targets desktop, mobile, or embedded, Gluon CloudLink covers it.

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Built from the ground-up to save you time

  • Gluon CloudLink can generate client code based on your requirements and configuration and works on desktop, mobile and embedded applications
  • Generated apps can be built, tested and deployed to users directly from the Gluon CloudLink dashboard
  • Gluon CloudLink is standard Java: leverage existing employee development skills
  • Immediate start – sign up to GCL immediately

Gluon CloudLink enables enterprise and frontend developers alike to create, configure, build, and deploy apps with minimal effort.

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Content Management

Centralized content management enables rapid updates to already-deployed apps

  • Manage media and files
  • Leverage device-specific capabilities
  • Internationalization
  • Update content whenever needed without redeployments

Gluon CloudLink simplifies the provision of high-quality Java client apps to a broad range of users and device types, with varying degrees of functionality.

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Best-of-class end-to-end security

  • Client apps store data in a secure and encrypted way
  • Data sent to Gluon CloudLink is encrypted with SSL and signed using OAuth
  • No enterprise-critical secrets are stored in the client app or on the device
  • Gluon CloudLink can conform to the security protocol imposed by the backend

Gluon CloudLink takes security seriously. It has been built from the ground-up to ensure that data is transferred in the most secure way possible, and is only transferred to those authorized to receive it.

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Operations & Analytics

Understand the flow of users and data over time, and see issues before they become showstoppers.

  • Real-time monitoring of your application
  • Gather statistics about your users
  • Detect problems before your users observe them

Gluon CloudLink provides a single dashboard which gives total oversight and control to administrators.

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