Introducing GluonFX

Elevating Your JavaFX Applications with Essential Features Over the past years, we created a number of standalone JavaFX-based software components, each with their own lifecycle, build structure, target platform and license. Recently, we worked hard to provide a better overall and consistent developer experience. We are thrilled to unveil GluonFX, […]

Public access to JavaFX 17 builds

Gluon is well-known as a company run by and for developers. Throughout our history of supporting JavaFX, we have been committed to ensuring that developers have access to the latest builds at no cost. We have been consistently creating and releasing early-access and general-availability versions of JavaFX, starting from version […]

Presenting a new RichTextArea control

One of the frequently asked features for JavaFX is the availability of a rich text editor. JavaFX comes with a great and simple built-in TextArea control, which contains the greatest common divisor of what developers want. The JavaFX core modules are simple and generic on purpose, and they allow third […]

Scene Builder 18 release

Scene Builder is a very popular drag & drop user interface designer tool for JavaFX. It allows for rapid iteration and separation of design and logic for team members to quickly and easily focus on their specific layer of application development. With over 2 million downloads since Gluon started distributing […]

Gluon Mobile – Next Iteration

Gluon is proud to announce the release of Gluon Mobile 6.1.0, as well as updated versions of our Gluon IDE plugins for IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, and Eclipse. The primary focus of this release has been to simplify the integration of Gluon Mobile into existing JavaFX applications. Overview Gluon Mobile is […]

JavaFX 17 is here

Almost 3 years ago, Gluon announced the JavaFX 11 release. Today, we are excited to release JavaFX 17. When we released JavaFX 11, we explained the path forward. That path includes a new feature release every 6 months, and 4 CPU releases per year. This predictability is very much appreciated […]

Preparing Gluon Maps v2.0.0

Gluon has been making improvements to its Maps library as we gear up for the 2.0.0 release. Some of the features and bug fixes for this release are listed below: Features JDK 11 support A new API has been added to allow setting a placeholder image for tiles ThreadFactory and […]