Release GA Date Latest version Long Term Support Extended or custom support Details
19 September 2022 (planned) n/a no
18 March 2022 (planned) early access no
17 September 2021 17.0.1 (October 2021) until September 2026 upon request details
16 March 2021 16 (March 2021) no upon request details
15 September 2020 15.0.1 (October 2020) no upon request details
14 March 2020 (July 2020) no upon request details
13 September 2019 13.0.2 (January 2020) no upon request details
12 March 2019 12.0.2 (July 2019) no upon request details
11 September 2018 (November 2021) until September 2023 upon request details
  • All dates on this page are informative. Contact us for a personalised quote for our JavaFX Long Term Support (LTS) service.
  • Releases in grey don’t receive updates anymore. We strongly encourage all our users to use either the latest version (currently 17) or the latest version of one of the LTS releases (currently 11 and 17).
  • The JavaFX runtime is available as a platform-specific SDK, as a number of jmods, and as a set of artifacts in maven central.
  • The OpenJFX page at is a great starting place to learn more about JavaFX.
  • This software is licensed under GPL v2 + Classpath


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