OpenJFX 12 Release notes

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8152395 [ToolBar] Overflow button of ToolBar doesn't appear when the size of the items increases controls
JDK-8212102 [TextField] IOOBE on paste/replace text with control characters controls
JDK-8217270 Broken link to cssref.html in javafx.controls package docs controls
JDK-8167068 GLS language errors graphics
JDK-8188810 Fonts are blurry on Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 9 graphics
JDK-8203884 Update libjpeg to version 9c graphics
JDK-8207839 [win] Negative glyph_id causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException graphics
JDK-8209764 JavaFX/Monocle – Partial Screen Capture Broken graphics
JDK-8209791 OpenJFX build fails in PrismPrint.c due to missing JNICALL graphics
JDK-8209968 Image size sometimes off by 1 when scaling down images with preserveRatio true graphics
JDK-8209969 Monocle setBounds issue (width/height mixed) graphics
JDK-8210219 GlassClipboard.cpp fails to compile with newer versions of VS2017 graphics
JDK-8210386 Clipping problems with complex affine transforms: negative scaling factors or small scaling factors graphics
JDK-8212115 Typo in javadoc for javafx.stage.Window graphics
JDK-8214035 Unable to render cmyk jpeg image graphics
JDK-8214397 Provide fallback to tmpdir if user home is not writable for native libs graphics
JDK-8214185 Upgrade GStreamer to the latest (1.14.4) version media
JDK-8183399 [macOSX] Scroll events finish with invalid delta values other
JDK-8189926 [Mac] Pulse timer should pause when idle other
JDK-8211014 Fix mistakes in FX API docs other
JDK-8205092 NullPointerException in PickResultChooser.processOffer when using viewOrder scenegraph
JDK-8207837 Indeterminate ProgressBar does not animate if content is added after scene is set on window scenegraph
JDK-8216377 JavaFX: memoryleak for initial nodes of Window scenegraph
JDK-8210092 Remove old javafx.swing implementation swing
JDK-8207159 Update ICU to version 62.1 web
JDK-8209457 [WebView] Canvas.toDataURL with image/jpeg MIME type fails web
JDK-8210218 WebKit build fails with newer versions of VS 2017 web
JDK-8211399 libxslt fails to build with glibc 2.26 web
JDK-8211454 Update SQLite to version 3.26.0 web
JDK-8213541 WebView does not handle HTTP response without ContentType web
JDK-8213806 WebView – JVM crashes for given HTML web
JDK-8214119 Update to 607.1 version of WebKit web
JDK-8214452 Update libxml2 to version 2.9.9 web
JDK-8215702 SVG gradients are not rendered web
JDK-8215799 Complex text is not rendered by webkit on Windows web
JDK-8216470 Some methods of System.Logger are unimplemented in PlatformLogger web
JDK-8218611 [DRT] fast/xslt tests fails with Unsupported encoding windows-1251 web
JDK-8210411 JavaFX crashes on Ubuntu 18.04 with Wayland window-toolkit
JDK-8211280 JavaFX build fails on Linux with gcc8 window-toolkit
JDK-8211304 [macOS] Crash on focus loss from dialog on macOS 10.14 Mojave window-toolkit
JDK-8218424 [macOSX] mousewheel scrolling slow window-toolkit

List of Enhancements

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8207942 Add new protected VirtualFlow methods for subclassing controls
JDK-8210361 Add images to docs for public API classes of controls and missing examples controls
JDK-8204060 [Canvas] Add API in GraphicsContext to control image smoothing graphics
JDK-8214069 Use xdg-open to get default web browser on Linux systems graphics
JDK-8088418 Reintroduce JFR Pulse Logger other
JDK-8090930 Support mouse forward/back buttons scenegraph
JDK-8211249 Refactor javafx.swing implementation to get rid of unneeded abstraction layer swing
JDK-8148129 Implement Accelerated composition for WebView web
JDK-8207772 File API and FileReader should be supported in WebView web