OpenJFX 14 Release notes

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8237975 Non-embedded Animations do not play backwards after being paused animation
JDK-8236753 Animations do not play backwards after being stopped animation
JDK-8232524 SynchronizedObservableMap cannot be be protected for copying/iterating base
JDK-8220396 Bindings class gives a lot of unneeded 'select-binding' log messages base
JDK-8229472 Deprecate for removal JavaBeanXxxPropertyBuilders constructors base
JDK-8207774 TextField: must not forward ENTER if actionHandler consumed the actionEvent controls
JDK-8207759 VK_ENTER not consumed by TextField when default Button exists controls
JDK-8179097 NPE in MenuButtonSkinBase class controls
JDK-8185937 Spinner with Double/Integer value factory ignores up/down arrow keys controls
JDK-8233040 ComboBoxPopupControl: remove eventFilter for F4 controls
JDK-8232811 Dialog's preferred size no longer accommodates multi-line strings controls
JDK-8221334 TableViewSkin: must initialize flow's cellCount in constructor controls
JDK-8220722 ProgressBarSkin: adds strong listener to control's width property controls
JDK-8237372 NullPointerException in TabPaneSkin.stopDrag controls
JDK-8193445 JavaFX CSS is applied redundantly leading to significant performance degradation controls
JDK-8196587 Remove use of deprecated finalize method from JPEGImageLoader graphics
JDK-8166194 JavaFX: poor printing quality for Region nodes graphics
JDK-8189092 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on Linux in getCachedGlyph graphics
JDK-8236448 Remove unused and repair broken Android/Dalvik code graphics
JDK-8236484 Compile error in monocle dispman graphics
JDK-8232687 No static JNI loader for libprism-sw graphics
JDK-8232943 Gesture support is not initialized on iOS graphics
JDK-8232929 Duplicate symbols when building static libraries graphics
JDK-8232210 Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 19.2.1 graphics
JDK-8235151 Nonexistent notifyQuit method referred from iOS GlassHelper.m graphics
JDK-8235150 IosApplication does not pass the required object in _leaveNestedEventLoopImpl graphics
JDK-8235627 Blank stages when running JavaFX app in a macOS virtual machine graphics
JDK-8234916 [macos 10.15] Garbled text running with native-image graphics
JDK-8223296 NullPointerException in at line 325 graphics
JDK-8236808 javafx_iio can not be used in static environment graphics
JDK-8088198 Exception thrown from snapshot if dimensions are larger than max texture size graphics
JDK-8232589 Remove CoreAudio Utility Classes media
JDK-8230610 Upgrade GStreamer to version 1.16.1 media
JDK-8230609 Upgrade glib to version 2.62.2 media
JDK-8233338 FX javadoc headings are out of sequence other
JDK-8232824 Removing TabPane with strong referenced content causes memory leak from weak one scenegraph
JDK-8200224 First mouse press each time JFXPanel gains focus is triggered twice swing
JDK-8218640 Update ICU4C to version 64.2 web
JDK-8233747 JVM crash in com.sun.webkit.dom.DocumentImpl.createAttribute web
JDK-8230492 font-family not set in HTMLEditor if font name has a number in it web
JDK-8236912 NullPointerException when clicking in WebView with Button 4 or Button 5 web
JDK-8231188 Update SQLite to version 3.30.1 web
JDK-8234056 Upgrade to libxslt 1.1.34 web
JDK-8231513 JavaFX cause Keystroke Receiving prompt on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) window-toolkit
JDK-8234474 [macos 10.15] Crash in file dialog in sandbox mode window-toolkit
JDK-8228766 Platform.startup() deadlock on mac when called from class initializer window-toolkit
JDK-8227366 Wrong stage gets focused after modal stage creation window-toolkit

List of Enhancements

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8207957 TableSkinUtils should not contain actual code implementation controls
JDK-8130738 Add tabSize property to Text and TextFlow graphics
JDK-8226850 Use an EnumSet for DirtyBits instead of an ordinal-based mask graphics
JDK-8092352 Skip event dispatch if there are no handlers/filters scenegraph
JDK-8211308 Support HTTP/2 in WebView web
JDK-8087980 Add property to disable Monocle cursor window-toolkit
JDK-8225571 Port Linux glass drag source (DND) to use gtk instead of gdk window-toolkit

List of Security fixes

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8227473 (not public) Improve gstreamer media support media
JDK-8227402 (not public) Improve XSLT processing web
JDK-8232121 (not public) Better numbering system web
JDK-8232128 (not public) Better formatting for numbers web
JDK-8232214 (not public) Improved internal validations web