OpenJFX 17 Release notes

Planned versions

Version Planned release date
17.0.9 October 17, 2023
17.0.10 January 16, 2024
17.0.11 April 16, 2024

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Released versions

Version Release date Release notes
17.0.8 July 18, 2023 release notes
17.0.7 April 19, 2023 release notes
17.0.6 January 18, 2023 release notes
17.0.5 October 18, 2022 release notes
17.0.4 July 19, 2022 release notes
17.0.3 April 19, 2022 release notes
17.0.2 January 19, 2022 release notes
17.0.1 October 19, 2021 release notes September 16, 2021 release notes
17 September 7, 2021 release notes

Release Notes for JavaFX 17.0.8

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8301009 Update libxml2 to 2.10.3 web
JDK-8306115 Update libxml2 to 2.10.4 web

List of Security Fixes

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8304751 (not public) Improve pipeline layout graphics

Release Notes for JavaFX 17.0.7

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8087673 [TableView] TableView and TreeTableView menu button overlaps columns when using a constrained resize policy. controls
JDK-8089009 TableView with CONSTRAINED_RESIZE_POLICY incorrectly displays a horizontal scroll bar. controls
JDK-8187145 (Tree)TableView with null selectionModel: throws NPE on sorting controls
JDK-8235491 Tree/TableView: implementation of isSelected(int) violates contract controls
JDK-8254676 Alert disables Tab selection when TabDragPolicy REORDER is used controls
JDK-8277853 With Touch enabled devices scrollbar disappears and the table is scrolled to the beginning controls
JDK-8291908 VirtualFlow creates unneeded empty cells controls
JDK-8292353 TableRow vs. TreeTableRow: inconsistent visuals in cell selection mode controls
JDK-8296413 Tree/TableView with null focus model throws NPE in queryAccessibleAttribute() controls
JDK-8300893 Wrong state after deselecting two or more cells of a TableView selection controls
JDK-8303026 [TextField] IOOBE on setting text with control characters that replaces existing text controls
JDK-8281327 JavaFX does not support fonts installed per-user on Windows 10/11 graphics
JDK-8300872 WebView’s ColorChooser fails to initialize when running in security context graphics
JDK-8295755 Update SQLite to 3.39.4 web
JDK-8298167 Opacity in WebView not working anymore web
JDK-8299977 Update WebKit to 615.1 web
JDK-8300954 HTML default Range input control not rendered web
JDK-8301022 Video distortion is observed while playing youtube video web
JDK-8301712 [linux] Crash on exit from WebKit 615.1 web
JDK-8302294 Cherry-pick WebKit 615.1 stabilization fixes web
JDK-8302684 Cherry-pick WebKit 615.1 stabilization fixes (2) web
JDK-8303217 Webview loaded webpage is not showing play, volume related buttons for embeded Audio/Video elements web
JDK-8296654 [macos] Crash when launching JavaFX app with JDK that targets SDK 13 window-toolkit

List of Security Fixes

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8299781 (not public) Improve JFX navigation web
JDK-8303501 (not public) Unable to navigate to relative URLs after fix for JDK-8299781 web

Release Notes for JavaFX 17.0.6

Important Changes

FXML JavaScript Engine Disabled by Default

The “JavaScript script engine” for FXML is now disabled by default. Any .fxml file that has a “javascript” Processing Instruction (PI) will no longer load by default, and an exception will be thrown.

If the JDK has a JavaScript script engine, it can be enabled by setting the system property:


List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8087557 [Win] [Accessibility, Dialogs] Alert Dialog content is not fully read by Screen Reader accessibility
JDK-8284281 [Accessibility] [Win] [Narrator] Exceptions with TextArea & TextField when deleted last char accessibility
JDK-8291087 Wrong position of focus of screen reader on Windows with screen scale > 1 accessibility
JDK-8293795 [Accessibility] [Win] [Narrator] Exceptions When Deleting Text with Continuous Key Press in TextArea and TextField accessibility
JDK-8277785 ListView scrollTo jumps to wrong location when CellHeight is changed controls
JDK-8284665 First selected item of a TreeItem multiple selection gets removed if new items are constantly added to the TreeTableView controls
JDK-8290348 TreeTableView jumping to top controls
JDK-8291625 DialogPane without header nor headerText nor graphic node adds padding to the left of the content pane controls
JDK-8289542 Update JPEG Image Decoding Software to 9e graphics
JDK-8294400 Provide media support for libavcodec version 59 media
JDK-8222210 JFXPanel popups open at wrong coordinates when using multiple hidpi monitors swing
JDK-8289541 Update ICU4C to 71.1 web

List of Security Fixes

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8294779 (not public) Improve FX pages fxml
JDK-8289336 (not public) Better platform image support graphics
JDK-8289343 (not public) Better GL support graphics
JDK-8299628 (not public) BMP top-down images fail to load after JDK-8289336 graphics
JDK-8292097 (not public) Better video decoding media
JDK-8292105 (not public) Improve Robot functionality window-toolkit
JDK-8292112 (not public) Better DragView handling window-toolkit

Release Notes for JavaFX 17.0.5

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8284676 TreeTableView loses sort ordering when applied on empty table controls
JDK-8088420 JavaFX WebView memory leak via EventListener web
JDK-8285881 Update WebKit to 614.1 web
JDK-8289587 IllegalArgumentException: Color.rgb’s red parameter (-16776961) expects color values 0-255 web
JDK-8292609 Cherry-pick WebKit 614.1 stabilization fixes web

Release Notes for JavaFX 17.0.4

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8187596 TreeView selection incorrectly changes after deleting an unselected row controls
JDK-8193442 Removing TreeItem from a TreeTableView sometime changes selectedItem controls
JDK-8244234 MenuButton: NPE on removing from scene with open popup controls
JDK-8273336 Clicking a selected cell from a group of selected cells in a TableView clears the selected items list but remains selected controls
JDK-8273339 IOOBE with ListChangeListener added to the selectedItems list of a TableView controls
JDK-8274137 TableView scrollbar/header misaligned when reloading data controls
JDK-8276167 VirtualFlow.scrollToTop doesn’t scroll to the top of the last element controls
JDK-8276553 ListView scrollTo() is broken after fix for JDK-8089589 controls
JDK-8282093 LineChart path incorrect when outside lower bound controls
JDK-8286261 Selection of non-expanded non-leaf treeItem grows unexpectedly when adding two-level descendants controls
JDK-8280840 Update libFFI to 3.4.2 media
JDK-8283218 Update GStreamer to 1.20.1 media
JDK-8283403 Update Glib to 2.72.0 media
JDK-8255940 localStorage is null after window.close() web
JDK-8269115 WebView paste event contains old data web
JDK-8278759 PointerEvent: buttons property set to 0 when mouse down web
JDK-8280020 Underline and line-through not straight in WebView web
JDK-8280841 Update SQLite to 3.37.2 web
JDK-8282134 Certain regex can cause a JS trap in WebView web
JDK-8283328 Update libxml2 to 2.9.13 web
JDK-8284184 Crash in GraphicsContextJava::drawLinesForText on web
JDK-8286256 Update libxml2 to 2.9.14 web
JDK-8286257 Update libxslt to 1.1.35 web
JDK-8271054 [REDO] Wrong stage gets focused after modal stage creation window-toolkit
JDK-8284654 Modal behavior returns to wrong stage window-toolkit

List of Security fixes

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8282121 (not public) Improve WebKit referencing web
JDK-8285691 (not public) Additional fix for JDK-8282121 web

Release Notes for JavaFX 17.0.3

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8203463 [Accessibility, Narrator] NPE in TableView accessibility
JDK-8197991 Selecting many items in a TableView is very slow controls
JDK-8281089 JavaFX built with VS2019 and jlinked into JDK 11.x fails to start other
JDK-8277457 AccessControlException: access denied ("" "getCookieHandler") web
JDK-8278980 Update WebKit to 613.1 web
JDK-8281459 WebKit 613.1 build broken on M1 web
JDK-8281711 Cherry-pick WebKit 613.1 stabilization fixes web
JDK-8282099 Cherry-pick WebKit 613.1 stabilization fixes (2) web
JDK-8242544 CMD+ENTER key event crashes the application when invoked on dialog window-toolkit

Release Notes for JavaFX 17.0.2

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8274022 Additional Memory Leak in ControlAcceleratorSupport controls
JDK-8274854 Mnemonics for menu containing numeric text not working controls
JDK-8276490 Incorrect path for duplicate x and y values, when path falls outside axis bound graphics
JDK-8275138 WebView: UserAgent string is empty for first request web
JDK-8276847 JSException: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: IntersectionObserver web
JDK-8277133 Dragboard contents retrieved all over again during a DND process on WebView web
JDK-8160597 IllegalArgumentException when we initiate drag on Image window-toolkit
JDK-8274929 Crash while reading specific clipboard content window-toolkit
JDK-8275723 Crash on macOS 12 in GlassRunnable::dealloc window-toolkit

List of Security fixes

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8272546 (not public) Better TrueType font loading graphics

Version 17.0.1

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8273138 BidirectionalBinding fails to observe changes of invalid properties base
JDK-8273754 Re-introduce Automatic-Module-Name in empty jars build
JDK-8273324 IllegalArgumentException: fromIndex(0) > toIndex(-1) after clear and select TableCell controls
JDK-8269374 Menu inoperable after setting stage to second monitor graphics
JDK-8268718 [macos] Video stops, but audio continues to play when stopTime is reached media
JDK-8268849 Update to 612.1 version of WebKit web
JDK-8270479 WebKit 612.1 build fails with Visual Studio 2017 web
JDK-8272329 Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.32.3 changes web
JDK-8274107 Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.32.4 changes web


List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8273754 Re-introduce Automatic-Module-Name in empty jars build

Version 17

List of Enhancement

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8258777 SkinBase: add api to un-/register invalidation-/listChange listeners controls
JDK-8267554 Support loading stylesheets from data-URIs controls
JDK-8223717 javafx printing: Support Specifying Print to File in the API graphics
JDK-8234920 Add SpotLight to the selection of 3D light types graphics
JDK-8259718 Remove the Marlin rasterizer (single-precision) graphics
JDK-8267551 Support loading images from inline data-URIs graphics
JDK-8268120 Allow hardware cursor to be used on Monocle-EGL platforms graphics
JDK-8258499 JavaFX: Move out of the lib directory other
JDK-8252935 Add treeShowing listener only when needed scenegraph
JDK-8259680 Need API to query states of CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK keys scenegraph
JDK-8092439 [Monocle] Refactor monocle SPI to allow support for multiple screens graphics

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8185447 The special high-contrast mode of JavaFX Controls in Japanese environment do not work. accessibility
JDK-8263322 Calling Application.launch on FX thread should throw IllegalStateException, but causes deadlock application-lifecycle
JDK-8260468 Wrong behavior of LocalDateTimeStringConverter base
JDK-8260475 Deprecate for removal protected access members in DateTimeStringConverter base
JDK-8264770 BidirectionalBinding should use InvalidationListener to prevent boxing base
JDK-8267505 {List,Set,Map}PropertyBase::bind should check against identity base
JDK-8089589 [ListView] ScrollBar content moves toward-backward during scrolling. controls
JDK-8089913 CSS pseudo classes missing by default for some controls controls
JDK-8137323 Incorrect parsing of mnemonic in controls text controls
JDK-8165214 ListView.EditEvent.getIndex() does not return the correct index controls
JDK-8186904 TableColumnHeader: resize cursor lost on right click controls
JDK-8187229 Tree/TableCell: cancel event must return correct editing location controls
JDK-8189354 Change.getRemoved() list contains incorrect selected items when a TreeItem is collapsed controls
JDK-8196065 ListChangeListener getRemoved() returns items that were not removed. controls
JDK-8204568 Relative CSS-Attributes don't work all time controls
JDK-8208088 Memory Leak in ControlAcceleratorSupport controls
JDK-8228363 with side=TOP does not work the first time in the presence of CSS controls
JDK-8239138 StyleManager should use a BufferedInputStream controls
JDK-8244075 Accelerator of ContextMenu's MenuItem is not removed when ContextMenu is removed from Scene controls
JDK-8252238 TableView: Editable (pseudo-editable) cells should respect the row editability controls
JDK-8256283 IndexOutOfBoundsException when sorting a TreeTableView controls
JDK-8258663 Fixed size TableCells are not removed from sene graph when column is removed controls
JDK-8261460 Incorrect CSS applied to ContextMenu on DialogPane controls
JDK-8261840 Submenus close to screen borders are no longer repositioned controls
JDK-8263807 Button types of a DialogPane are set twice, returns a wrong button controls
JDK-8264157 Items of non-editable ComboBox cannot be selected using up/down keys controls
JDK-8264127 ListCell editing status is true, when index changes while editing controls
JDK-8264677 MemoryLeak: Progressindicator leaks, when treeShowing is false controls
JDK-8265206 Tree-/TableCell: editing state not updated on cell re-use controls
JDK-8265210 TreeCell: cell editing state not updated on cell re-use controls
JDK-8265669 AccumCell should not be visible controls
JDK-8266539 [TreeView]: Change.getRemoved() contains null item when deselecting a TreeItem controls
JDK-8266966 Wrong CSS properties are applied to other nodes after fix for JDK-8204568 controls
JDK-8267094 TreeCell: cancelEvent must return correct editing location controls
JDK-8267392 ENTER key press on editable TableView throws NPE controls
JDK-8269026 PasswordField doesn't render bullet character on Android controls
JDK-8269136 Tree/TablePosition: must not throw NPE on instantiating with null table controls
JDK-8270314 TreeTableCell: inconsistent naming for tableRow and tableColumn property methods controls
JDK-8165749 java.lang.RuntimeException: dndGesture.dragboard is null in dragDrop graphics
JDK-8210199 [linux / macOS] fileChooser can't handle emojis graphics
JDK-8211362 Restrict export of libjpeg symbols from graphics
JDK-8217955 Problems with touch input and JavaFX 11 graphics
JDK-8239589 JavaFX UI will not repaint after reconnecting via Remote Desktop graphics
JDK-8252099 JavaFX does not render Myanmar script correctly graphics
JDK-8258986 getColor throws IOOBE when PixelReader reads the same pixel twice graphics
JDK-8259046 ViewPainter.ROOT_PATHS holds reference to Scene causing memory leak graphics
JDK-8262396 Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 21.0.3 graphics
JDK-8262802 Wrong context origin coordinates when using EGL and HiDPI graphics
JDK-8263402 MemoryLeak: Node hardreferences it's previous Parent after csslayout and getting removed from the scene graphics
JDK-8267160 Monocle mouse never get ENTERED state graphics
JDK-8267314 Loading some animated GIFs fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 4096 out of bounds for length 4096 graphics
JDK-8259356 MediaPlayer's seek freezes video media
JDK-8262365 Update GStreamer to version 1.18.3 media
JDK-8262366 Update glib to version 2.66.7 media
JDK-8264737 JavaFX media stream stops playing after reconnecting via Remote Desktop media
JDK-8266860 [macos] Incorrect duration reported for HLS live streams media
JDK-8267819 CoInitialize/CoUninitialize should be called on same thread media
JDK-8268152 gstmpegaudioparse does not provides timestamps for HLS MP3 streams media
JDK-8268219 hlsprogressbuffer should provide PTS after GStreamer update media
JDK-8269147 Update GStreamer to version 1.18.4 media
JDK-8252783 Remove the css Selector and ShapeConverter constructors scenegraph
JDK-8264162 PickResult.toString() is missing the closing square bracket scenegraph
JDK-8264330 Scene MouseHandler is referencing removed nodes scenegraph
JDK-8270246 Deprecate for removal implementation methods in Scene scenegraph
JDK-8254836 Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.30.3 changes web
JDK-8259555 Webkit crashes on Apple Silicon web
JDK-8259635 Update to 610.2 version of WebKit web
JDK-8260163 IrresponsiveScriptTest.testInfiniteLoopInScript unit test fails on Windows web
JDK-8260165 CSSFilterTest.testCSSFilterRendering system test fails web
JDK-8260245 Update ICU4C to version 68.2 web
JDK-8260257 [Linux] WebView no longer reacts to some mouse events web
JDK-8263788 JavaFX application freezes completely after some time when using the WebView web
JDK-8264501 UIWebView for iOS is deprecated web
JDK-8264990 WebEngine crashes with segfault when not loaded through system classloader web
JDK-8269131 Update libxml2 to version 2.9.12 web
JDK-8206253 No/Wrong scroll events from touch input in window mode window-toolkit
JDK-8231558 [macos] Platform.exit causes assertion error on macOS 10.15 or later window-toolkit
JDK-8240640 [macos] Wrong focus behaviour with multiple Alerts window-toolkit
JDK-8248126 JavaFX ignores HiDPI scaling settings on some linux platforms window-toolkit
JDK-8249737 java.lang.RuntimeException: Too many touch points reported window-toolkit
JDK-8258381 [macos] Exception when input emoji using Chinese input method window-toolkit
JDK-8263169 [macOS] JavaFX windows open as tabs when system preference for documents is set window-toolkit
JDK-8266743 Crash on macOS 10.11 due to ignored @available 10.12 check window-toolkit

List of Security fixes

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8263112 (not public) Enhance String Conclusions graphics