OpenJFX 22 Release Notes

Planned versions

Version Planned release date
22.0.2 July 16, 2024
22.0.3 January 21, 2025

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Released versions

Version Release date Release notes
22.0.1 April 16, 2024 release notes
22 March 19, 2024 release notes

Release Notes for JavaFX 22.0.1

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8325154 resizeColumnToFitContent is slower than it needs to be controls
JDK-8311492 FontSmoothingType LCD produces wrong color when transparency is used graphics
JDK-8324233 Update JPEG Image Decoding Software to 9f graphics
JDK-8318614 Update WebKit to 617.1 web
JDK-8322703 Intermittent crash in WebView in a JFXPanel from IME calls on macOS web
JDK-8323879 constructor Path(Path) which takes another Path object fail to draw on canvas html web
JDK-8323880 Caret rendered at wrong position in case of a click event on RTL text web
JDK-8324337 Cherry-pick WebKit 617.1 stabilization fixes web
JDK-8325258 Additional WebKit 617.1 fixes from WebKitGTK 2.42.5 web
JDK-8326989 Text selection issues on WebView after WebKit 617.1 web
JDK-8327177 macOS: wrong GlobalRef deleted in GlassMenu window-toolkit

List of Security fixes

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8313040 (not public) Enhanced Font handling graphics
JDK-8313064 (not public) General enhancements of image handling graphics
JDK-8313072 (not public) Enhanced handling of Fonts graphics
JDK-8322236 (not public) Build failure after JDK-8313064 graphics
JDK-8313032 (not public) Enhanced handling of Glass window-toolkit
JDK-8320441 (not public) Additonal fix for JDK-8313032 window-toolkit

Release Notes for JavaFX 22


The following notes describe important changes and information about this release. In some cases, the descriptions provide links to additional detailed information about an issue or a change.

These release notes cover the standalone JavaFX 22 release. JavaFX 22 requires JDK 17 or later.

Important Changes

Animation May Be Started Asynchronously

The Animation methods play, start, stop, and pause may now be called on any thread. If these methods are called on a thread other than the JavaFX Application Thread, they will delegate to that thread to ensure proper thread safety. Since the execution is asynchronous in that case, the status might not be updated right away.

See JDK-8324658 for more information.

List of Enhancements

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8309558 Create implementation of NSAccessibilityCheckBox protocol accessibility
JDK-8309629 Create implementation of NSAccessibilityRadioButton protocol accessibility
JDK-8324658 Allow animation play/start/stop/pause methods to be called on any thread animation
JDK-8318204 Use new EventTarget methods in ListenerHelper controls
JDK-8301302 Platform preferences API graphics
JDK-8314147 Updated the PhongMaterial documentation graphics
JDK-8320359 ImageView: add styleable fitWidth, fitHeight, preserveRatio, smooth properties graphics
JDK-8321573 Improve Platform.Preferences documentation graphics

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8284544 [Win] Name-Property of Spinner cannot be changed accessibility
JDK-8314597 Deprecate for removal protected access methods in converters base
JDK-8317370 JavaFX runtime version is wrong at runtime base
JDK-8187314 All Cells: must show backing data always controls
JDK-8205067 Resizing window with TextField hides text value controls
JDK-8248914 Javafx TextField positions the cursor incorrectly after pressing DEL key controls
JDK-8282290 TextField Cursor Position one off controls
JDK-8283675 Line not removed from LineChart when series cleared controls
JDK-8285700 [TreeTableView] graphic property of TreeItem is still visible after collapsing tree controls
JDK-8303478 DatePicker throws uncatchable exception on tab out from garbled text controls
JDK-8311185 VirtualFlow jump when cellcount changes controls
JDK-8311983 ListView sometimes throws an IndexOutOfBoundsException controls
JDK-8313628 Column drag header, overlay and line are not correctly aligned controls
JDK-8313651 Add ‘final’ keyword to public property methods in controls controls
JDK-8320444 Column drag header is positioned wrong for nested columns controls
JDK-8321722 Tab header flickering when dragging slowly other tabs and reordering uncompleted controls
JDK-8321970 New table columns don’t appear when using fixed cell size unless refreshing tableView controls
JDK-8323543 NPE when table items are set to null controls
JDK-8260342 FXMLLoader fails to load a sub layout using fx:include with the resources attribute fxml
JDK-8189282 JavaFX: Invalid position of candidate pop-up of InputMethod in Hi-DPI on Windows graphics
JDK-8254126 the position of Chinese Input Method candidates window is wrong graphics
JDK-8269921 TextFlow: listeners on bounds can throw NPE while computing text bounds graphics
JDK-8283401 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when disconnecting screen(s) graphics
JDK-8301893 IME window position is off on secondary screen graphics
JDK-8306083 Text.hitTest is incorrect when more than one Text node in TextFlow graphics
JDK-8307536 Exception from NativeLibLoader when running concurrent applications with empty cache graphics
JDK-8310885 Width/height of window is not set after calling sizeToScene graphics
JDK-8311216 DataURI can lose information in some charset environments graphics
JDK-8313648 JavaFX application continues to show a black screen after graphic card driver crash graphics
JDK-8313856 Replace VLA with malloc in pango graphics
JDK-8314141 Missing default for switch in CreateBitmap graphics
JDK-8316419 [macos] Setting X/Y makes Stage maximization not work before show graphics
JDK-8316423 [linux] Secondary Stage does not respect Scene’s dimensions when shown graphics
JDK-8316518 javafx.print.Paper getWidth / getHeight rounds values, causing errors. graphics
JDK-8316781 Legal, Monarch paper sizes are incorrect in javafx.print.Paper graphics
JDK-8319079 Missing range checks in decora graphics
JDK-8322795 CSS performance regression up to 10x graphics
JDK-8323077 C type error (incompatible function pointer) in X11GLContext.c graphics
JDK-8323078 Incorrect length argument to g_utf8_strlen in pango.c graphics
JDK-8324879 Platform-specific preferences keys are incorrect for Windows toolkit graphics
JDK-8325550 Grammatical error in AnchorPane.setLeftAnchor (and other setters) javadoc graphics
JDK-8313900 Possible NULL pointer access in NativeAudioSpectrum and NativeVideoBuffer media
JDK-8317508 Provide media support for libavcodec version 60 media
JDK-8318386 Update Glib to 2.78.1 media
JDK-8318387 Update GStreamer to 1.22.6 media
JDK-8185831 Pseudo selectors do not appear to work in Node.lookupAll() scenegraph
JDK-8199216 Quadratic layout time with nested nodes and pseudo-class in style sheet scenegraph
JDK-8313956 focusWithin on parents of a newly-added focused node is not updated scenegraph
JDK-8318059 Typo is javafx.scene.Node.usesMirroring comment scenegraph
JDK-8318624 API docs specify incorrect default value for nodeOrientation property scenegraph
JDK-8222209 JavaFX is rendered blurry on systems with monitors in different configuration swing
JDK-8262518 SwingNode.setContent does not close previous content, resulting in memory leak swing
JDK-8274932 Render scales in EmbeddedWindow are not properly updated swing
JDK-8317836 FX nodes embedded in JFXPanel need to track component orientation swing
JDK-8310681 Update WebKit to 616.1 web
JDK-8311097 Synchron XMLHttpRequest not receiving data web
JDK-8313177 Web Workers timeout with Webkit 616.1 web
JDK-8313181 Enabling media controls on webkit 616.1 does not load button images on video Element web
JDK-8313711 Cherry-pick WebKit 616.1 stabilization fixes web
JDK-8314212 Crash when loading in WebView web
JDK-8318388 Update libxslt to 1.1.39 web
JDK-8320267 WebView crashes on macOS 11 with WebKit 616.1 web
JDK-8087368 java runtime environment error when trying to execute showAndWait() function window-toolkit
JDK-8087700 [KeyCombination, Mac] KeyCharacterCombinations behave erratically window-toolkit
JDK-8221261 Deadlock on macOS in JFXPanel app when handling IME calls window-toolkit
JDK-8251240 Menus inaccessible on Linux with i3 wm window-toolkit
JDK-8255835 [macOS] Undecorated stage cannot be maximized window-toolkit
JDK-8274967 KeyCharacterCombinations for punctuation and symbols fail on non-US keyboards window-toolkit
JDK-8284445 macOS 12 prints a warning when a function key shortcut is assigned to a menu window-toolkit
JDK-8301219 JavaFX crash when closing with the escape key window-toolkit
JDK-8305675 [macos] Stage set to iconified before being shown is displayed on screen window-toolkit
JDK-8314149 Clipboard does inexact string comparison on mime type window-toolkit
JDK-8315074 Possible null pointer access in native glass window-toolkit
JDK-8315657 Application window not activated in macOS 14 Sonoma window-toolkit
JDK-8315958 Missing range checks in GlassPasteboard window-toolkit
JDK-8318841 macOS: Memory leak with MenuItem when Menu.useSystemMenuBar(true) is used window-toolkit
JDK-8319066 Application window not always activated in macOS 14 Sonoma window-toolkit
JDK-8319341 [Linux] Remove operation to show or hide children because it is unnecessary window-toolkit
JDK-8319669 [macos14] Running any JavaFX app prints Secure coding warning window-toolkit
JDK-8322215 [win] OS events that close the stage can cause Glass to reference freed memory window-toolkit

List of Security fixes

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8313048 (not public) Better Glyph handling graphics
JDK-8313105 (not public) Improved media framing media
JDK-8313056 (not public) General enhancements of Glass window-toolkit