Public access to JavaFX 17 builds

Gluon is well-known as a company run by and for developers. Throughout our history of supporting JavaFX, we have been committed to ensuring that developers have access to the latest builds at no cost. We have been consistently creating and releasing early-access and general-availability versions of JavaFX, starting from version 11.

It is evident that developing JavaFX requires resources and therefore, revenue. To fund our team’s work on JavaFX, we have established a Long-Term Support (LTS) program. Customers can purchase support for our LTS releases, which includes access to the latest builds of the current LTS version (JavaFX 11 and JavaFX 17). Today, we are thrilled to announce public access to all new builds in the JavaFX 17 release cycle, including JavaFX 17.0.6 and subsequent versions.

As the development of JavaFX 20 picks up momentum, it’s important to note a key change – JavaFX 20 will require Java 17 or later. By offering the latest builds of JavaFX 17 to everyone, we are enabling users who are unable to upgrade to Java 17 to still utilize a supported version of JavaFX.

It is important to note that being a Gluon LTS customer offers significantly more benefits than just having access to builds. A comparison of the free and commercial LTS packages reveals that being a Gluon LTS customer is a highly valuable investment.

We strongly encourage users to take advantage of the JavaFX versions we offer for download, but it is equally important to recognize the significance of our LTS customers. As valued members of the JavaFX community, they not only have the ability to shape the product roadmap, but also play a critical role in prioritizing existing issues. Their support is integral to the growth and advancement of JavaFX.