Gluon Mobile

GluonMobileGluon Mobile:
Create iOS & Android Apps in Java.

Harness your Java knowledge to build one application using one set of cross-platform APIs, and deploy to all platforms privately, or via the various App Stores. Using Gluon, you can massively improve time-to-market for your apps.

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Gluon Mobile Provides Fresh, Modern UIs, Cloud Connectivity, and Hardware Access.

  Modern UIs

A Material Design inspired UI framework awaits! Fresh, modern UIs can be easily built for cross-platform deployment. Adapt responsively to various mobile and desktop form factors.

G_Cyan_Cloud  Cloud Connectivity

Connect to the Gluon CloudLink, or any other web service, with ease. Bi-directional, automatic data synchronization. User authentication using popular web services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or a custom login.

  Hardware Access

Make use of hardware features on mobile devices in a platform-agnostic way. Gluon Mobile makes available all the storage systems, accelerometers, screen details, GPS devices, and more in a device-independent fashion

G_Green_trainingGetting Started

Gluon Mobile is an agile product, with frequent releases. Gluon Mobile is available in four different licensing tiers, from free to enterprise editions. Check out the pricing information to learn more about the differences. To learn how to integrate Gluon Mobile into your software, refer to the Gluon Mobile developer documentation.


Gluon provides a range of support options depending on your needs. These range from community-based support through to high-priority urgent response time offerings. Regardless of your needs, refer to our support page to learn more about what we offer.