Announcing: JavaFX 12

It has already been six months since we announced the release of JavaFX 11. JavaFX 11 was the first release of JavaFX that was decoupled from the JDK, and it marked the beginning of a new approach where developers can decide to use JavaFX as a standalone SDK or as a set of artifacts deployed to Maven Central. The release plans of the OpenJFX community are similar to those of the OpenJDK community, where we now release new versions every six months.

Today we have the pleasure to announce JavaFX 12, the first major release following the JavaFX 11 release.

JavaFX 12 will be supported until the release of JavaFX 13, which is planned 6 months from now. Developers are encouraged to use the latest and greatest version of JavaFX. If you or your company wants to stick with JavaFX 11 and you need longer support, Gluon offers JavaFX 11 as a Long Term Support version.

The release notes for JavaFX 12 are available in the OpenJFX GitHub repository.

We want to thank all the companies and individuals for their contributions to make JavaFX 12 happen. Development of JavaFX 13 is already in full swing and we’re excited about the continuous effort from the community.