Gluon and JavaFX

Recently Oracle announced their intention to stop shipping JavaFX with JDK 11 and later. The result of this has caused some uncertainty in the client Java community, so we at Gluon wanted to very briefly outline the implications of this announcement, for us, and more importantly, for you. It goes […]

The JavaFX Hidden Economy

Here at Gluon we have been huge fans of JavaFX for a very, very long time. Our team is made up of a number of respected experts in the community, with contributors to a number of open source projects such as ControlsFX, not to mention our open source projects such […]

Interview with Gluon App Contest Winners

The Gluon Mobile App Contest concluded just prior to JavaOne. We were overwhelmed by the volume and quality of entries into this contest, and we had a really hard time picking the winners, so much so that we decided to give two third prizes, as we had two very deserving […]

A quick look into Gluon VM

Before we announced Gluon VM a couple of months ago, we had been working on a number of components, experimenting with a number of options, and building up a vision for Gluon VM. In the months since announcing Gluon VM, we can now say that we are confident enough about […]

Enter the Gluon App Contest!

Today Gluon is announcing the first Gluon App Contest is officially open for entries! We have put this together to encourage customers and our community to explore the opportunities that the Gluon software stack offers. We encourage you to take a look at Gluon Mobile, Gluon CloudLink, Gluon Connect, and […]

Gluon has two new rock stars

Back in October 2015, Gluon was so immensely proud to announce that their solutions for Java on mobile and Java in the cloud (not to mention the numerous contributions to open source) had been awarded a prestigious Dukes Choice award. Since then the whole company has been busily working on […]

The Never-Ending Popularity of Scene Builder

Gluon has been the unofficial shepherd of Scene Builder for most of 2015, and while some in the community think Scene Builder is a lost cause (and are spreading a lot of FUD about it and JavaFX), we feel that with our closer relationship to the JavaFX community and OpenJFX […]

Android moving to OpenJDK

The recent ‘news’ about Android moving from Harmony to OpenJDK caused some confusion and lots of speculation in the developer world. In this post, we try to clarify the facts without going into any speculation.     1. Terminology First of all, some terminology needs to be clear. There are a […]

Gluon at Devoxx 2015

Gluon also made its way to Devoxx this year, with Johan Vos presenting on ‘Java on mobile, finally‘. We were very happy with the huge crowd showing up to hear Johan’s talk. Fortunately, if you couldn’t make it to the session (or to Devoxx at all!), you can watch it […]