Extend your REST backend with a cross-platform mobile Java app

Recently, we talked about the Gluon end-to-end strategy, and we explained that we want to enable companies to leverage their existing enterprise middleware to create cross-platform native mobile applications, using the Java Platform.

Today we have added more documentation and tutorials related to this process. In particular, we posted a screencast on our Gluon Media page (the screencast is reproduced below also). This screencast explains how to use Gluon CloudLink to couple your existing REST-based backend with a simple app created by Gluon Mobile.

With this and our other samples, we are trying to show that by using Gluon offerings you can create mobile apps that are just another extension of existing enterprise backends. More importantly, you can build mobile applications in-house – it is not another piece of software in another language (Android, Objective C or Swift), maintained by another company. Rather, your existing Java knowledge makes it very easy to have a presence in the world of mobile apps.