Gluon CloudLink available in the AWS Marketplace

One of the key requirements we have in Gluon when we work on software is that it should be as easy as possible for existing developers and operators to use our tools. We realise todays world is already very complex, and we try to add mobile functionality for enterprise infrastructure with a minimum impact on the existing environment. Since we make Gluon CloudLink available as a SAAS product, using it doesn’t require you to setup a new server and install the product. You can directly work with Gluon CloudLink by using one of the SDK’s we provide.

If you buy Gluon CloudLink in the Gluon Store you need to setup an account, and choose a model. While this is not a difficult step, we do recognize this can be a hurdle for developers who already have an account with other cloud providers, and who don’t want a new account for each service they want to add. Therefore we are very serious about integrating Gluon CloudLink with existing cloud vendors. Today, we are happy to announce the immediate availability of Gluon CloudLink on the Amazon AWS Marketplace. If you are an existing AWS customer, you can now easily try Gluon CloudLink by subscribing to the Gluon CloudLink Service in the AWS Marketplace. Doing so, you don’t need to create an account in the Gluon Store. Everything, from payment to usage data, is handled by AWS. You can cancel or upgrade your subscription at any time, and the service fees are automatically and transparently added to your AWS bill. This makes it extremely handy to test Gluon CloudLink and the integration with your existing applications, without an upfront financial investment.


The availability of Gluon CloudLink in the AWS Marketplace follows shortly after we announced support for AWS Lambda integration. If you combine these two products with Gluon Mobile, you can easily couple mobile functionality to an AWS Lambda function, by using Gluon CloudLink in your own AWS environment.