Interested in Gluon Training Courses?

We get an increasing number of requests for Java training at Gluon, so we decided it is time to start scheduling more training sessions. As you can read on our training pages, we offer different training modules:

  • The Java Client Basics module explores the core concepts of JavaFX, introduces you to the Scene Graph and the standard layout concepts and controls.
  • The Java Client Advanced module goes into more detail on specific parts of JavaFX, e.g. how to use CSS, how to write custom controls, how to use charts and media in your application.
  • The Java Client Enterprise module provides a number of tools, techniques and patterns that can be used to connect your JavaFX Application to new or existing backend systems. It assumes familiarity with the JavaFX basics.
  • The JavaFX Mobile module discusses how to tweak your application in order to be mobile ready and how to upload them to the appstores.
  • The JavaFX Gluon module provides a hands-on experience on how to get your JavaFX mobile application up and running leveraging Gluon tools. You learn how to use Glisten to make attractive mobile applications, and how to connect it to the Gluon Cloud or a private cloud.

We are pleased to announce that preregistration for our training is now open. At this stage, we are asking people and interested companies to fill in the form below, without any obligation. Based on the responses, we will better be able to schedule trainings in different location around the world.

Once the dates and locations are fixed, we will first inform the people that showed interest by completing the forms. We guarantee that those people will be able to attend the training sessions.

Training coordinator is Johan Vos, lead author of Pro JavaFX 8, and well known speaker on international conferences (including JavaOne and Devoxx).