JavaFX 11 early access on embedded

The OpenJFX team, which includes developers from companies like Oracle and Gluon, as well as individuals, is working very hard to get the JavaFX 11 release for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux published later this month.
While the release is stabilizing (early access builds are available), we are now also making JavaFX available in early access for embedded devices, e.g. the Raspberry Pi. This release is based on the exact same code that is powering JavaFX on desktop systems.

In a separate technical document, we describe all the steps that are needed to get a JavaFX 11 application up and running on a Raspberry Pi. We start from a clean Raspian Stretch Lite installation, install the Java 11 for embedded ARM systems from Bellsoft and the JavaFX 11-ea+25 for ARM release from Gluon, and run a variant of one of the first demos ever on the Raspberry Pi.

At Gluon, we leverage the power of the “Write Once, Run Anywhere” principle of Java. Java applications written for desktop, using JavaFX for the user interface, can also be used on mobile devices (iOS and Android) using Gluon Mobile, as well as on embedded devices.
Using the Gluon CloudLink product, these client applications can easily be connected to cloud and back-end systems.
Combining this allows for an easy, Java-based access of enterprise functionality from client devices. Since JavaFX runs on desktop, laptop, mobile and embedded systems, you can save a huge amount of code, time, resources and budget.

If you have questions about how your project can benefit from Gluon technologies, don’t hesitate to contact us.