JavaFX on embedded, an update

JavaFX 15 has been released recently for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Developers using Gluon Substrate can leverage JavaFX 15 already on iOS and Android. In this blog post, we want to explain our plans for JavaFX on embedded, but first, a screenshot from a pre-release version of Gluon Start:

Gluon OpenJFX Embedded preview

Being a cross-platform framework, the JavaFX API’s are the same regardless of the target platform, such as desktops, mobile devices, and embedded systems. The different implementations of JavaFX, as distributed by Gluon, contain components that are shared across some or all platforms, and some components are specific to specific platforms.

The embedded market is very diverse. There are many combinations possible that involve different CPU architectures, operating systems, GPU’s, and graphical drivers. Gluon will soon release public, free early access builds of OpenJFX 16 for linux-based devices with an ARM32 or an ARM64 processor, e.g. the Raspberry Pi. These builds will allow developers to experiment with JavaFX on all kinds of embedded devices.

Apart from that, customers of Gluon JavaFX 11 LTS can now get access to supported dedicated builds for embedded systems, where a number of properties can be configured:

  • 32 or 64 bits
  • X window system or Dispman
  • using Mesa libraries or other drivers
  • software rendering or hardware acceleration
  • using JIT or AOT compiled with GraalVM
  • JavaFX 11 or JavaFX 15

All the code for these dedicated builds will come straight from the OpenJFX repository. The build and deploy configurations are dealt with by the Gluon tools. Apart from access to those builds, Gluon JavaFX 11 LTS customers get access to the Gluon Support channel.

What this represents is Gluon stepping up to the plate to truly take care of all embedded use cases out there, where a performant and high-quality UI toolkit is required to give users a great user experience. We are putting our technical expertise and leadership of JavaFX into play to enable all embedded customers to have a one-stop shop for their specific JavaFX use cases which we can tailor, and support, for each individual customer. No where else can you buy this kind of customization and support, and we encourage interested customers to contact us today.