Learn how to use Java EE for managing cross-platform mobile applications

Gluon CloudLink makes it easy to extend existing Java backend applications to mobile front-ends. As previously announced, Gluon provides a number of SDK’s for the most popular Java server-side platforms and frameworks.

Developers and architects using the Java EE Platform can watch this screencast and learn how easy it is to use the Gluon CloudLink SDK for Java EE and offer their existing back-end functionality to mobile apps. In the screencast, we show an end-to-end example, including a cross-platform mobile application, written in Java.

We first develop a very simple “Message of the Day” backend application that allows to set a text message (the “Message of the Day”) using a simple web-based front-end. Next, we show how using the Gluon CloudLink SDK allows you to propagate changes in that text message to Gluon CloudLink. Finally, we build a simple cross-platform mobile application from scratch, and use the Gluon Mobile SDK to couple the content of a text field to the content of the message in Gluon CloudLink.

Using the Gluon CloudLink SDK for Java EE, and the Gluon Mobile SDK, this screencast shows how content on mobile applications can be managed by your existing enterprise applications. As a consequence, mobile development is no longer an isolated part of the IT operations, but it is rather controlled in the same way as traditional websites are controlled.