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Small, Powerful API.
Convention over Configuration.
Kickstart your desktop apps.

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  Small, Powerful API

Frameworks tend to grow, and grow, and grow! Gluon Desktop has been designed with a minimal API footprint in mind from the beginning. We believe that every piece of API adds an overhead to the developer. Gluon Desktop offers the smallest API while offering the most functionality possible.

  Convention over Configuration

Gluon Desktop offers a small number of annotations, which when applied to your code, allow for it to auto-discover and register your views, forms, and actions. These can then just be used without further configuration.

  Kickstart your desktop apps

Gluon Desktop offers a simple injection framework, where certain fields can automatically be injected with the @Inject annotation. For more advanced cases, Gluon Desktop has been designed from the ground up to work with Gluon Ignite, the Gluon JavaFX dependency injection framework.

Gluon Desktop

Gluon Desktop takes care of all the grunt work, so you can focus on the important aspects of your code.

The Gluon Desktop library can massively improve time-to-market for desktop applications.

G_Green_trainingGetting Started

Gluon Desktop is an agile product, with frequent releases. Gluon Desktop is available in four different licensing tiers, from free to enterprise editions. Check out the pricing information to learn more about the differences. To learn how to integrate Gluon Desktop into your software, refer to the Gluon Desktop developer documentation.

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Our licensing and pricing approach aims to ensure complete transparency. Our frequently asked questions cover many of the important issues.