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GluonMobileGluon VM:
Superior Java 9 performance
on iOS & Android

Gluon VM is a high-performance Java 8/9 VM that leverages the OpenJDK class libraries, and is custom designed for blazing mobile device performance. Developers don’t want to be stuck on Java 6 or 7 – they want the very latest functionality. Depending on OpenJDK ensures developers get immediate access to the very latest in Java innovation, such as lambda expressions, streams, and modules.

Gluon VM is integrated with Gluon Mobile.

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Gluon VM brings OpenJDK 9 to mobile, enabling blistering iOS and Android app performance.

  Cross Device

Gluon VM is designed with mobile devices in mind, and can scale up from there. It provides a critical foundation to Gluon Mobile, which allows for cross-device user interfaces and abstractions for common hardware features, as well as simplified cloud connectivity.

G_Cyan_Cloud  Blistering Performance

To get the very best performance out of constrained mobile devices, Gluon VM can operate in three modes: interpreter, just-in-time compilation, or ahead-of-time compilation. This ensures Gluon VM can offer blazing fast performance, regardless of the characteristics of the underlying platform.

  Based on OpenJDK

Gluon VM uses the OpenJDK class libraries, and supports both Java 8 and Java 9 on Android and iOS. This ensures developers can maximize their productivity, benefitting from the many advancements in recent Java releases such as lambdas, streams, and modules (as well as all of the other benefits of Gluon Mobile).

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Gluon is a software company that prides itself on its contributions to open source, and we are grateful recipients of support from the community (and companies that depend on open source) that enables us to dedicate our engineers time in progressing the state of the art in open source. You can help us out by signing up to the Gluon open source commercial support program. If you want to be involved in another way, reach out to us today.