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Mobile enterprise applications have become critical as a means for companies to communicate and do business with their partners, customers, and workforce. There is a huge demand for mobile enterprise applications, and the requirement of getting a mobile app fast doesn’t align with the requirement of getting high quality, maintainable code. When a company wants to create a mobile application, a number of requirements needs to be addressed:

  • It must be designed to be nice-looking, intuitive, and user-friendly
  • It must leverage existing back-end functionality
  • It must be secure
  • It must be maintainable and easily configured to use new enterprise functionality

Mobile Apps

Gluon makes it much easier for companies to create, manage and maintain mobile enterprise applications. Using Gluon Mobile, Java developers can create applications with a single codebase, and deploy them to Android or iOS devices.

As a consequence, developers that are working on an enterprise backend can be involved with the development of mobile apps. This allows for a much smoother integration between mobile and enterprise applications, compared to the situation where mobile development is done or outsourced to an entirely different team, using different technologies. Additionally, because Gluon Mobile is built entirely on top of Java, the advantages of Java, including backward compatibility, can be taken for granted when developing mobile applications.

The visual design of the mobile application can be done using Gluon Scene Builder, which integrates into the developers development process. As a consequence, developers and designers can work together, each using his favourite toolset, to create mobile applications that are visually and functionally perfect.

Cloud & Enterprise Connectivity

With Gluon CloudLink, Java enterprise developers and architects can design enterprise mobile applications, and link them to existing back-end components and cloud infrastructure. Existing investments in back-end infrastructure can easily be leveraged.

Gluon CloudLink can be integrated to act as a go-between between the enterprise backend and mobile devices, to ensure security and other business requirements are respected.

Once a mobile enterprise application is created and deployed in the respective app stores, it needs to be managed and monitored. Content or policies may change, new media files or push messages need to be sent to users, and analytics about usage need to be gathered. All of this can be done by Gluon CloudLink, using the intuitive Gluon CloudLink Dashboard.

Reduced Cost

Gluon products reduce both the development cost as well as the maintenance cost of a mobile enterprise app:

  • Writing the app in Java makes it cheaper (both in development and maintenance) than writing separate apps for different platforms
  • Existing Java skills (there are over 10 million Java developers) can be leveraged. There is no need to learn a new language
  • In case an app needs to be modified, any Java developer is capable to do so. No need for platform-specific skills
  • The native rendering system guarantees high-performance rendering, as opposed to a webpage on a mobile device
  • Investments in back-end systems can easily be reused thanks to the integration capabilities offered by Gluon CloudLink
  • Monitoring the mobile application allows for pro-active adjustments or actions

Next Steps...

Gluon CloudLink

Enable enterprise and mobile developers to easily connect their disparate services and apps together, enabling bi-directional communications between mobile apps, enterprise infrastructure, and cloud systems.

Gluon Mobile

Create iOS & Android apps using the latest Java 8 features. Build one application using one set of cross-platform APIs, and deploy to all platforms. Using Gluon, you can massively improve time-to-market for your apps.