Gluon Desktop Enterprise License

$200.00 / year



The Gluon Desktop Enterprise license is intended for large teams that value a closer relationship with Gluon, and who need the highest priority support and issue prioritization available.

The primary benefit of this license tier over the Gluon Desktop Business license is the addition of issue prioritization (allowing voting and discussion within the private Gluon issue tracker) and access to the Gluon high-priority private support email address. This license tier also includes all benefits of the lower license tiers, such as access to hotfix releases when major bugs are encountered in code that is under Gluon control, and access to the Gluon internal bug tracker. This license tier allows for a professional deployment to customers, and as with all tiers of Gluon Desktop licenses, there are no restrictions on how many applications or devices can be deployed using this license.

Gluon Desktop is priced per developer with no royalties or hidden fees. Regardless of which tier you use (including the free tier), you will have everything you need to quickly build cross-platform desktop applications.

We offer a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee, and of course the free tier is available and fully functional for you to test with before parting with any money.