Gluon Maps Business License

$999.00 / year



The Gluon Maps Business license is intended for larger teams (compared to the Gluon Maps Indie license) who need additional support services and access to hotfix releases. For most licensees this is the recommended licensing tier for Gluon Maps.

Gluon Maps commercial licenses are priced per developer with no royalties or hidden fees. Regardless of which tier you use (including the free tier), you will have everything you need to build applications with built-in mapping support, and which can be deployed on desktop and mobile devices.

Gluon Maps commercial licenses are sold for 12-months. Renewing the subscription allows for continued access to the commercial license, otherwise the license will return to GPL at the date of the subscription anniversary.

We offer a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee, and of course the free tier is available and fully functional for you to test with before parting with any money.