Worldwide Devoxx conference app moving to Gluon

Gluon @ Devoxx

Devoxx Belgium wrapped a few weeks ago, and we had three of our team there presenting and hanging out with the community. One important announcement, given by Stephan Janssen and Johan Vos during the closing keynote was that, going forward, all Devoxx conferences will be serviced by a single mobile conference application, built using Gluon Mobile. The foundation for the Devoxx conference application is in fact the open sourced JavaOne 2016 application built by Gluon earlier this year. Even better, the Devoxx conference application too is open source, and being actively developed by members of the Devoxx community, as well as with support from Gluon engineers.

Gluon is extremely proud to see our software being adopted and in widespread use. Our Gluon Mobile offering brings high-performance mobile development to Java developers, with a ‘write once, run anywhere’ offering that brings massive speed boosts to development teams by reducing the amount of code required to target Android and iOS platforms, and Gluon CloudLink offers a full-featured mobile-backend as a service (or MBaaS) that allows for centralised management of mobile deployments, as well as cloud integration and synchronization between mobile users.

Real-world customers are starting to see the larger vision that Gluon has – we aren’t just a mobile platform SDK, we are a full-stack mobile platform, from the cloud down to the mobile hardware, and this is just the beginning. We have more offerings in development by our talented engineering team, some of which we’ve announced (e.g. Gluon VM), and some of which are still yet to be announced.

We often end our posts with a promise that this is just the beginning….and it’s true – we have a full pipeline, and our growing team of engineers are pushing harder than ever to get solutions into the hands of our customers, to make their development ever more easy and productive. Follow us on Twitter for the latest developments, or subscribe to our newsletter.