Monthly Archives: May 2015

Voxxed interviews Gluon

Recently Johan Vos, one of the Gluon co-founders, was interviewed by Voxxed. He covers a number of topics, so everyone interested in what is happening inside Gluon should definitely head over there to take a look. Topics that are covered include our continued support for Scene Builder, what we’re working […]

Interested in Gluon Training Courses?

We get an increasing number of requests for Java training at Gluon, so we decided it is time to start scheduling more training sessions. As you can read on our training pages, we offer different training modules: The Java Client Basics module explores the core concepts of JavaFX, introduces you […]

Details about Gluon Glisten

We’ve had an amazing amount of interest in our Gluon Mobile ‘Glisten’ library since revealing it in March, and the inbox has been flooded since our first teaser trailer came out. In this post we wanted to give you a few more details on what Glisten is, how you’ll use […]

Introducing Gluon Glisten

Gluon Glisten is one of the sub-components of the forthcoming Gluon Mobile library. The focus of Glisten is to make your apps shine! It includes a simple application framework, as well as custom UI controls and customization to existing JavaFX UI controls to ensure that your apps fit in on mobile and […]