Monthly Archives: July 2015

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As the Gluon team prepares the next round of news items relating to Gluon Mobile, Gluon Cloud, and our various other projects, we thought it would be wise to allow for our customers and community to opt-in to our Gluon newsletter. This will be a relatively infrequent posting (at most […]

Gluon at JavaOne

Gluon will be making its way to JavaOne this year, with four representatives making the pilgrimage. Johan Vos, Eugene Ryzhikov, Jonathan Giles, and José Pereda will be on site, with Johan, Eugene, and José presenting on Gluon-specific topics. For those of you attending JavaOne this year, please come along to […]

The new Gluon Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

After we released the Gluon NetBeans Plugin a while ago (get it here), we’ve been working very hard on developing the plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. And now we proudly present it! You can download it from JetBrains, or you can directly install it from Idea IDE. In this blog post, […]