Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Never-Ending Popularity of Scene Builder

Gluon has been the unofficial shepherd of Scene Builder for most of 2015, and while some in the community think Scene Builder is a lost cause (and are spreading a lot of FUD about it and JavaFX), we feel that with our closer relationship to the JavaFX community and OpenJFX […]

Gluon Release Schedule is Now Public

At Gluon we believe in open source, and a big part of open source is transparency. While not all of Gluon is open source, we try our best to apply the same principles regardless, and today we’re taking a step to increase our transparency further. One thing we’re hearing from […]

Seeking a Gluon Developer Advocate

Gluon is growing (again). Our team of engineers are busily working on customer projects, our open source projects, our IDE plugins, as well as Gluon Mobile, Gluon Cloud, and Gluon Desktop. At our core is a strong conviction that Java can be an excellent language and platform for writing cross-device […]

Android moving to OpenJDK

The recent ‘news’ about Android moving from Harmony to OpenJDK caused some confusion and lots of speculation in the developer world. In this post, we try to clarify the facts without going into any speculation.     1. Terminology First of all, some terminology needs to be clear. There are a […]