Gluon Scene Builder 8.1.0 Out Now

SceneBuilderLogoAs we blogged about recently, Scene Builder is hugely popular – we’ve had over 205,000 downloads of Scene Builder since we released less than a year ago. We also recently posted about how Scene Builder is being improved by companies outside of Gluon, which is great to see. For anyone out there wanting to contribute to Scene Builder development, all source code is open source in the gluon-oss bitbucket repo.

Today we are releasing Gluon Scene Builder 8.1.0. As Scene Builder is an open source project, it is part of our regular six-monthly release schedule. For people who want more frequent releases of Scene Builder, please see our open source commercial support offerings.

Gluon Scene Builder 8.1.0 brings with it improvements in a number of areas. Take a look at the list below to see what has changed in this release:

New Features / Improvements

  • Call java.bean.Beans.setDesignTime in SceneBuilder
  • Set start location of File Chooser dialog to file provided as application parameter
  • Apply CSS defined values in Inspector
  • Optimized import statements in FXML
  • Don’t print information for interfaces, abstract classes and non-Node classes in the Jar Analysis Report

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong encoded characters in File menu
  • Changes to “Scene Style Sheet” are not applied to the Preview window
  • Controller skeleton code inserts wrong event handler functions
  • Controller skeleton code misses some import statements
  • Controller skeleton code inserts wrong package name
  • SceneBuilder does not compile with JDK 8u65
  • Library View doesn’t save
  • SceneBuilder locks imported library jar files
  • RuntimeException when Editor has bound to disableProperty of PropertyEditor
  • NullPointerException when cancelling the file chooser dialog for importing library jars
  • Fix several memory leaks

We encourage all developers to head over to the Scene Builder page to download this new release of Scene Builder. We have a lot planned for the next 8.2.0 release scheduled for July – this is just the beginning.