gluon_logoGluon is growing, and we are therefore on the hunt for skilled engineers to join our team. We are looking to fill multiple roles. Please read the descriptions of the roles below, and email us your resume / cover letter if you feel you have the skills required to join our team.

Applicants will work remotely from their own preferred location, but will need to be available during their work day to communicate with other team members via Slack and email.

Java Client / JavaFX Developer

We need to grow our Java client team. This team is primarily responsible for the following tasks:

Applicants will need to have the following skills:

  • A strong understanding of Java 8 features (including lambdas and streams)
  • Strong skills in JavaFX 8
  • Strong UI design skills, both in terms of ability to communicate and understand good UI design, but also the ability to implement these designs in JavaFX using custom layouts / controls.
  • Ideally applicants will have strong API design skills, although these can be picked up on the job.

Android / iOS Platform Expert

We need more experts in the underlying platforms of Android and iOS so that we can continue to improve the JavaFXPorts and Gluon Mobile SDKs to ensure the best performance, native integration, and functionality possible. The code in this repository travels between the Java layer and the native, platform-dependent layers. Applicants for this role will need to be skilled in a range of technical areas, including expertise in C, Objective-C, OpenGl and Java – depending on the day of the week! Knowledge about Xcode and Instruments and/or Android tools (ddms, emulator) is recommended as well. Ideally applicants will be self-motivated and self-directed based on the highest priority task. Applicants will need to wear their hacker / troubleshooter hats every day, as we delve deeply into all layers of the software stack to ensure that our community is best able to develop their custom software solutions.

Gluon Developer Advocate

At our core is a strong conviction that Java can be an excellent language and platform for writing cross-device software for deployment into mobile app stores:

  • Java is the number one language, known by many millions of developers already – this makes it easier to find developers to work on mobile applications.
  • You can write one application for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, desktop, and embedded) – this means you don’t need to hire developers skilled in iOS and Android.
  • Your developers only have to maintain one codebase – this means it is cheaper and easier to more rapidly iterate on product development.

What we need now is a developer advocate who can go out and spread the word about how great Java on mobile devices is, and how Gluon products and services can help. It’s not all a one-way street though – the other critical role for a Gluon developer advocate is to be able to listen to the community for problems they are facing, receiving feature requests and bug reports, and generally just being a helpful member of the community to ensure the success of everyone!

We need someone who can network with the community and our customers (in places like Stack Overflow, on Twitter, forums, and in private email), who can write sample applications and blog posts demonstrating functionality of Gluon products / services, and who can work within consultancy projects to identify areas where things can be improved for clients and ourselves.

If you think you are a good fit for any of the roles posted about, please email us your resume / cover letter and we can chat further.