Activities at Gluon

The engineers at Gluon have been working extremely hard over the past few months, with a number of things happening in parallel. We thought it was time to provide an overview of things that are happening, so in this post we will get you up to speed with what is going on at Gluon HQ, and how you can benefit from it.

  • JavaFX 14 will be released in 2 months, which means that the stabilization phase is happening now. Meanwhile, work for JavaFX 15 has started. We are also still backporting fixes and features in JavaFX 11. Contact us if:

    • You want assistance with your JavaFX projects.
    • You want a SLA for your JavaFX project.
    • You want long-term support for JavaFX 11.
    • You want to influence the JavaFX roadmap, or get bugs fixed.

  • We are improving and extending Gluon Substrate, which allows you to bundle your Java client applications with all the required code, libraries and resources into a single executable with a small footprint and high performance. We’re leveraging the GraalVM project for this, and we’re contributing to this project. We are working with a number of our customers to get their Java client apps (desktop, mobile or embedded) upgraded to Gluon Substrate. We already provide support for macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Contact us if:

    • You want a performance and startup boost for your application by using GraalVM.
    • You want assistance in using GraalVM.
    • You want to run your Java(FX) application on new platforms, using the same code.
    • You want to reuse 100% of your JavaFX code and run it on iOS and Android devices.
    • You want to use Gluon Mobile to create apps with a first class user interface.
    • You want to use Gluon CloudLink to connect your application to cloud and enterprise servers in a secure and scalable way.

  • We are increasing our efforts in the embedded world. We now have builds of OpenJFX for a variety of embedded platforms, using different options (e.g. software versus hardware rendering, using a window manager versus full screen, pre-compiled application versus JIT). We are integrating these efforts with Gluon Substrate. Contact us if:

    • You want assistance for getting your Java/JavaFX application on embedded devices in places such as cars, hospitals, IoT devices, etc.
    • You want long-term support for JavaFX on embedded platforms.