Gluon gets a capital injection to boost business development

Over the past years, the Gluon team has worked extremely hard to create technical products, and to deliver technical projects for customers. We enable the development of JavaFX on desktop, mobile, and embedded platforms, and we provide the link between Java based client and cloud software. We contribute a lot to open source projects, including OpenJFX, Scene Builder, Gluon Attach, Gluon Connect, and we have our own products, including Gluon Mobile, Gluon CloudLink, Gluon Desktop and Gluon Maps.

We know how appreciated our technical work on Java is by the Java developer community and ecosystem. Today our offerings, backed by Java and GraalVM, are extremely solid and market-proven. Since the inception of Gluon, we’ve known that we wanted to use our strong technical backgrounds to move the state of the art for Java, but we’ve always known our weak point – our lack of experience in the myriad of non-technical skills needed for growing startups. Therefore, today we are extremely happy to announce that Gluon has successfully raised a capital injection intended to accelerate our business development. Additionally, we are also very pleased that Bruno Lowagie, the creator of iText, is going to join the Gluon board. Bruno successfully converted iText from an open source project into a great business, and his experience will help Gluon to grow.

By growing the business of Gluon, we will also be able to invest even more in technical development. So while the current capital raise is dedicated to business development, this will without doubt be a big win for our technical work. Hence, this is great news for Java on the client.