Getting Started with Java on iOS and Android

At Gluon our sole focus is to make Java an excellent platform for mobile applications, for both iOS and Android. With Gluon Mobile you can create, quite frankly, beautiful and highly performant mobile apps, and with Gluon CloudLink you can easily link your apps to cloud and enterprise functionality in a very flexible way. Today we’ve expanded our documentation focus with a brand new Getting Started guide. This was driven by feedback from new users of our software – and through their feedback we’ve created this guide, making it even easier for Java developers to get started developing and deploying mobile apps.

What we find at Gluon over and over is that developers do not realise that they can create Java applications which run on mobile devices. It happens very frequently that while explaining some of the features of our products (like our cross-platform UI toolkit or our API for abstracting hardware features found on iOS and Android), many in the audience suddenly realize that we are indeed talking about Java on Mobile, and that it doesn’t require anything from the end-user (e.g. they don’t have to install a Java SDK or VM on their phones).

Every page in the new getting started guide has a button that allows you to send us a feedback. We want to know what the bottlenecks are, in order to fix them. This is extremely important to use – to reduce friction whenever developers encounter it. We are working daily with Java apps on mobile, and we may easily overlook issues that are blocking to new users.

The getting started guide first shows how you can get a ‘Hello World’ application working in the desktop simulator. The other steps do not require any additional or specific code, but result in deployment to iOS and Android devices, whilst retaining the same look across all platforms. The Gluon tools will make sure your app can be installed on iOS or Android, and we point to the required steps in order to do so.

Gluon offers Gluon Mobile in a number of pricing tiers (starting at free), and also make it freely available to students and open source developers. Development tools should enhance developer productivity far beyond the cost involved, and we believe that the combination of Gluon Mobile and Gluon CloudLink can significantly accelerate your development. Give our solutions a try today, and get started by following our brand new getting started guide!