Gluon Mobile Developer Preview 3 Now Available

App Preview


Today the Gluon engineering team signed off on our third developer preview release of Gluon Mobile. This release builds on our earlier developer releases.

The primary new feature is the CharmListView control, an enhanced version of the JavaFX standard ListView control. If you are interested in knowing how to use the control and how it will help you developing fancy applications with Gluon Mobile, please stay tuned for an incoming blog post about CharmListView.

As always, please post any feedback you may have to our support forums, or if you want to keep your thoughts private, you can contact us privately.

Remember that Gluon Mobile is now available to purchase! We announced recently that our Gluon Store is open for business, and the response from the community has been very pleasing. We love that people and businesses are already buying and using Gluon Mobile, even in its pre-1.0 state. As we go forward we plan to rapidly iterate, so Gluon Mobile will be quickly improving over the coming months.

As a teaser of what you can do with the brand new CharmListView control, we show you the screenshot to the right.