Gluon Mobile Developer Preview 4 Released

The Gluon engineering team has today signed off on Gluon Mobile Developer Preview 4. This release includes a number of improvements, including brand new ‘material design’ styling for tabs and sliders, a brand new Avatar control, improvements to the material design snackbar and toast popups, and bug fixes.

Gluon Mobile is a client-side Java library that takes care of all the grunt work, so you can focus on the important aspects of your code. The Gluon Mobile library can massively improve time-to-market for applications, by providing APIs for modern ‘material design’ user interfaces, accessing mobile device features, connecting to web services, and synchronizing state across many devices. Gluon Mobile is available for purchase right now in the Gluon Store.

As noted, since our last developer preview release at the start of this month, there have been a few critical improvements to Gluon Mobile, which warranted an updated developer preview release. In the screenshots below we show some of these new features (click the images for a bigger version):