a centralized dashboard for Gluon CloudLink

The Gluon engineering team has over the past few months been transitioning our Gluon CloudLink dashboard from a desktop JavaFX application to instead be web-based. This was motivated by our customers desires to be able to have a ‘no-install’ dashboard experience when managing their Gluon CloudLink apps, and also our desire to quickly iterate on releases of Gluon CloudLink. Today we have received engineering sign-off on this project, and we are therefore pleased to introduce, our one-stop web dashboard for Gluon CloudLink (and soon, much more!). From within, users are able to manage all aspects of their Gluon CloudLink deployments – they can send push notifications to users, manage data and remote functions, and so much more.

In conjunction with the release of, we have also created a playlist of Gluon CloudLink videos that demonstrate many of the features of Gluon CloudLink, and we have many more in the pipeline over the next few weeks. These videos should give viewers a good understanding of the functionality offered by Gluon CloudLink, and even how it integrates with Gluon Mobile.

Today there is no excuse for not experimenting with Gluon CloudLink – we offer free trial accounts, and all subscription tiers also come with 30 day free trials before any charges kick in. Learn more about Gluon CloudLink pricing on the buy page. If you are building a mobile application, you owe it to yourself to understand the benefits that Gluon CloudLink can bring!