Gluon JavaFX Embedded (ARM) SDK 8.60.6 Released

amber_devices_2Yesterday, we released the Gluon JavaFX Mobile SDKs 8.60.6 for Android and iOS, leveraging the same codebase as what Oracle ships for JavaFX 8u60 (for desktop users). Building on top of that, today we release the binaries of the Gluon JavaFX Embedded (ARM) SDK. The Gluon JavaFX Embedded SDK follows the same release roadmap as the Gluon JavaFX Mobile SDKs, and they are built from the very same source code, which is in the javafxports repository at bitbucket.

As always, you can download the Gluon JavaFX Embedded (ARM) SDK from our website.

Both mobile and embedded devices are getting more popular. Consumers use a growing number of these devices, and developers need to bring their applications to as many devices as possible. The paradigm of “Write Once, Run Anywhere” gives Java developers a clear advantage. In order to write an application once, using a UI toolkit that allows for compelling client applications, it is important that the same version of JavaFX that is used on mobile devices can also be used on embedded devices.

Therefore, we use a single codebase for both mobile and embedded development. As explained in our blog post yesterday, this single codebase is a fork of the latest OpenJFX JavaFX 8 source code. All commits made by the Gluon team or other contributors will be in the same open source repository.

Since the embedded release schedule follows the Gluon Open Source Commercial Support customers have access to daily or monthly binaries.

With this announcement, we show our commitment to supporting JavaFX on embedded devices, and the fact that the releases are coupled to releases for mobile devices should be a big plus for companies that are working on real cross-platform client applications.