Gluon media page live

Here at Gluon we understand that developers operate in different ways. While many enjoy looking over sample code / tutorials or in-depth documentation, we want to make sure we also support those of you who enjoy kicking back and watching a video which can present an overview of some aspect of what Gluon is building.

For this reason, we’ve asked some of our team to build videos to demonstrate how certain elements of Gluon software can be best used. In addition to this, we’ve been presenting at big conferences like JavaOne and Devoxx for a while now, and in some cases these have been recorded. These videos give a really good high-level overview of what Gluon offers.

Where possible, we have added these videos to our brand new Gluon media page that our design team whipped up for us. This is intended to act as another form of support for people becoming acquainted with our offerings (on top of our samples repo, our documentation, and all of the other options available).

If there is a video you would like to see us create to better explain something, you should reach out to us and let us know.