Gluon offers free developer support

417755 - agreement collabTo many of our friends, customers, and fellow community members, you may not have heard from us publicly in a few months. Despite appearances, Gluon has never been busier, and the good news is that we’re growing at a rapid pace. We’ve been bringing in more experts to fill in gaps in the company, both in terms of development, but also in other areas such as business development, marketing, and our design / UX team is continuing to expand to meet growing demands. Needless to say, what has been going on behind the scenes at Gluon is nothing short of amazing, and we truly believe that what we have in store for you over the coming months is going to blow you away. We have so much to say about Gluon VM, massively exciting improvements to Gluon Mobile, major developments in our Gluon CloudLink offering, and so much more.

But that’s for another day…

Today, we have a simple offering for our friends in the community. To put it simply, Gluon engineers love solving problems. For the last several months, our engineers have been working on a number of exciting projects, for our own projects as well as our customers. It’s fair to say that our combination of product and consulting work enables us to ‘eat our own dogfood’ frequently enough that we have learnt a lot of best practices. Because of this, we’ve decided to let our engineers loose on your projects, to ensure your projects reach their maximum potential.

If you’re using any Gluon product, and regardless of whether you’re one of our amazing paying customers, or if you’re still just getting acquainted with what Gluon has to offer, you’re now able to register for free limited support to all developers using Gluon products. Between August 1st and December 1st 2016, any developer who registers will receive high levels of support, direct from the Gluon engineering team. Our engineers will happily share with your any insights they can.