Gluon Mobile 2.2.0 released

GluonMobileToday the Gluon engineering team has signed off on Gluon Mobile 2.2.0. This release is primarily a bug fix release, and follows the Gluon release schedule that is publicly available for review.

An overview of the primary changes that have been made in this release is below:

New Features / Improvements:

  • TextField: Add support for auto completion, floating labels, and character counters
  • JavaDocs: Add @since javadoc annotation to all classes
  • JavaDocs: Improved documentation for SettingsPane
  • JavaDocs: Improved screenshots
  • Samples: Improved samples documentation
  • New Material Design Progress controls
  • New Material Design styling for table view
  • Dialog: Add contentText property
  • Improved API for popping up a layer containing an arbitrary Node
  • PopupView: Add offset and autofix properties
  • Layers: Support for animated transitions

Fixed Bugs:

  • TextField: Float Text animation doesn’t stop if the focus changes while the animation is playing
  • AppBar: title should have a limited max width
  • Appbar: Typeface is incorrect when shown on desktop
  • Dialogs: size is sometimes wrong
  • ExceptionDialog: when dismissed, the textArea doesn’t always go away
  • License check fails sometimes
  • Second call to CharmListView.setItems() doesn’t update the listView
  • Removing headers from CharmListView throws NPE from not gc’ed sorted list listener
  • Broken links in Gluon Mobile docs for Charm Connect
  • Menu popup is shown on top of its parent
  • Avatar is not well centered
  • Artifacts appear when clicking outside of a menu
  • First transition on Views and Layers is wrong
  • Floating label animation is slower than MD floating label animation
  • You have to tap twice on a textfield with floating label for the cursor and keyboard to appear
  • Rendering artifacts appear when hiding a Layer
  • DropDownButton arrow gets slightly out of the control

All current customers of Gluon Mobile can upgrade to this latest release at no cost. If you are testing the waters, you can develop with Gluon Mobile for free, and very easily, by using the Gluon IDE plugins. If you have any issues, check out our support offerings.