JavaFX Embedded Now Supports WebView

amber_devices_2After we released the JavaFX Embedded SDK, we got a number of questions from developers that want to use the JavaFX WebView API in their embedded JavaFX application. For these developers, we have good news: we have worked on this and it is now possible to build a JavaFX Embedded SDK that includes the JavaFX WebView and related components!

As always with Gluon open source projects, you can checkout the required code in our open-source bitbucket repos. Additionally, Gluon Open Source commercial support customers can download their usual monthly / daily builds, which now include the web components. It is through the generous support of the community, via the Gluon Open Source commercial support offering, that we are able to continue to improve the quality of the open source projects we develop (including JavaFXPorts, Scene Builder, Gluon Maps, Gluon Ignite, etc). If you haven’t signed up, and want to help us out, we promise you it will be put to good use – please sign up today!

While it is now possible to use a WebView component in your JavaFX Embedded project, the work is only just getting started. The release that we make available today is just the first step, and we welcome feedback on issues, and we will do our best to address them as soon as possible.