Scene Builder 8.2.0 Out Now

SceneBuilderLogoEven though our official Gluon roadmap shows that the next release of Scene Builder isn’t until mid July, we are doing an extra release today to bring out some new features that we’ve been working on that we didn’t want to wait another day! The motivator for this release is our brand new support for Maven repos – so Scene Builder can automatically download third-party libraries and install them, adding the new components from the jar into the library for use in building your user interfaces.

More specifically, we have included the following in this release of Scene Builder:

Here are some screenshots of the new Maven repo functionality in action:

This is the first step of many we have planned, and we want to hear your feedback on what else you want to see in Scene Builder. Your input is critical to the continued growth of the Scene Builder tool. You can give Scene Builder bug reports and features requests over at the Scene Builder Bitbucket.

Finally, it is thanks to the community (through our Gluon open source commercial support program) and our customers of Gluon Mobile, Gluon Cloud, and Gluon Desktop that this is possible. Your support of Gluon enables us to put our talented engineers onto our many open source projects for extended periods of time.