JavaFX 3D now available on Android and iOS

In the past days Gluon has been busy releasing Scene Builder 8.2.0 and adding support for WebView to JavaFX Embedded builds. We also have a very full roadmap of upcoming releases, but today we are happy to announce that we have enabled proper, hardware accelerated JavaFX 3D support on iOS and Android devices.

This is yet another step forward for JavaFX on mobile. Today it is now possible to write a single codebase in Java that is compiled and runs natively on iOS and Android. We do not convert to JavaScript or any other trickery – this is Java SE running inside a JVM on-device. Performance is improving every day, and functionality is growing in leaps and bounds. This is possible because we can focus on the important layers of the stack. We are fortunate to have Oracle working diligently on improving JavaFX and Java SE, as that allows our engineers to focus on our specific areas of focus. Also, Gluon is able to leverage the availability of high quality JVMs and AOT technologies (and we will have a lot more to say about that in the coming months). Finally, since inception, Gluon has a wonderful community of developers who have put their faith in our open source and commercial solutions.

In the coming days and months ahead we will be improving the quality and performance of this implementation. This code is already in our open source JavaFXPorts repo, and builds of the SDK are available to many of our Gluon open source commercial support program customers through the daily build program. Public SDK builds will be available as part of our six-monthly build cycle, so if you want quicker builds, we would really appreciate your support through the Gluon open source commercial support program.

To put it another way, it is thanks to the community and customers of Gluon Mobile, Gluon Cloud, and Gluon Desktop that this is possible. Your support of Gluon enables us to put our talented engineers onto our many open source projects for extended periods of time.