JavaFX 3D Rubik’s Cube Source Now Available

Earlier this week our Gluon engineering team announced the availability of hardware accelerated JavaFX 3D support on iOS and Android devices. In that blog post we had two screenshots of Android and iOS devices with a Rubik’s Cube game being played. This was an application developed by one of our engineers, José Pereda. You can see his earlier explorations into the technology behind this game in a post on his blog.

Many people couldn’t believe that this was possible, so to further demonstrate the functionality, we have published a short video of the software in action (which was recorded directly from an iPhone):

This was met with a huge amount of interest from both our business customers and many people from the community. We were asked a number of times if we could make the source code public. Rather than send out the source code to individuals on request, we finally got around to making this public in our gluon sample repo, along with all our other sample applications.

We hope that this is helpful to the community!