Gluon Release Train

Today the engineering team at Gluon signed off on the release of new versions of Gluon Mobile, Gluon Cloud, Gluon Desktop, and the Gluon IDE plugins. All current customers of Gluon Mobile and Gluon Desktop can immediately make use of these new releases by updating their build scripts. Current customers of Gluon Cloud will automatically make use of the new functionality. Finally, the engineering team highly recommends all users of the Gluon IDE plugins to upgrade to the latest release. To everyone that is yet to become a Gluon customer – get on board!

For users of Gluon solutions, the latest version numbers to use in your build scripts are as follows:

Gluon Mobile: 2.1.0
Gluon Desktop: 1.1.0

These releases were driven by our desire to increase the quality of our earlier releases. For this reason the release cycle was shortened, and focused entirely on bug fixing and documentation. It is recommended that all users upgrade to the latest releases at their earliest convenience.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gluon Mobile and Gluon Desktop, it may be because you missed our recent announcement regarding the simplification of the Gluon product naming. Gluon Mobile was originally called Gluon Charm, and Gluon Desktop was originally called Gluon Particle.

With this release train out of the station, the Gluon engineering team continues to focus on the next release, which is publicly available on the Gluon release schedule page.

As always, contact us if you have any questions. At Gluon we are laser focused on client Java and Java in the cloud. We offer pre-built solutions for desktop and mobile, and enable cloud connectivity for both platforms. We also provide consultancy and training services worldwide, and welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs with your team.