Gluon Substrate now leverages GraalVM 20.2 for desktop, mobile, and embedded apps

Earlier this week, the GraalVM team released GraalVM 20.2. For Gluon and our customers, this is a major milestone for the project, because it enables developers to use the exact same GraalVM tooling for cloud/server, mobile, and IoT development. This is because our Gluon Substrate tooling uses the GraalVM native-image compiler to compile Java bytecode into machine specific code for desktop, mobile, and IoT devices.

This is a major step forward towards the adoption of Java on mobile. Before this, developers had to download custom or development snapshot builds of GraalVM to be able to compile as widely as noted above. This brings the ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ paradigm a step closer.

Because of the integrated stack of offerings from Gluon, we’re excited to say that the Gluon Mobile and Gluon Cloudlink products already work with GraalVM 20.2.

To get started, have a look at the client-samples.