Gluon supports JavaFX Embedded – binary builds now available

amber_devices_2We are happy to announce that Gluon is now providing binary releases of the JavaFX SDK for embedded systems that are using the armv6 hard float architecture (e.g. the Raspberry Pi).

The builds we provide are entirely based on the source code available in the OpenJFX project which is also the source for the JavaFX SDK’s on desktop and mobile devices. As a consequence, JavaFX applications are extremely cross-platform, with platforms covering a huge area between embedded, mobile, and desktop.

While we make the binaries available for free, the ARM port is now also supported through our Open Source Commercial Support subscriptions, as well as through our commercial consultancy and training services. You might consider this in case you need access to hot fixes, or in case you want a fast and dedicated support channel. Alternatively, the Gluon forums are a good place to ask questions if you need community-based technical support.

You can download the JavaFX Mobile SDK from the JavaFXPorts downloads page.