Recent Gluon News Coverage

G_Blue_500At Gluon, we are working very hard in order to make JavaFX the best possible client development platform for desktop, mobile and embedded. Our efforts have not been gone unnoticed, as you can tell from the coverage we got recently:

Firstly, Voxxed features a nice article on Gluon Bids to Pick Up Commercial Slack on JavaFX, where Gluon co-founder Johan Vos discusses Gluon’s commercial support and how it relates to the JavaFX ecosystem, including the open-source components.

Secondly, Adam Bien published an interview with Johan on his website in which they talk about afterburner.fx, which is a very simple IoC framework targeting JavaFX Applications. Gluon made a few changes to afterburner.fx in order to be compliant with the Java runtime environment on mobile, and those changes are now reflected in afterburner.mfx. Gluon uses Afterburner in some sample applications, and in a number of customer projects.

Thirdly, on Wednesday evening, Johan gave a presentation to the Silicon Valley JavaFX Users Group about the current state of JavaFX on mobile. This presentation has been recorded, and you can still view it on YouTube (or below).

Apart from doing interviews, we are writing lots of code. Stay tuned for exciting news coming up soon.